Environment, Health and Safety

At CVR Refining, running safe operations is something we take very seriously, and compliance with laws and regulations are our highest priority. That is why we have made a significant investment in compliance assurance programs for all of our facilities. These programs target consistent and reliable processes and procedures that assist in our compliance efforts and the safety of our operations. Investing in these programs is not required of us. We do it because it is the right way to run our businesses and the best way to protect our employees and our communities.

Our comprehensive set of safety and reliability measures always puts safety at the forefront. Our employees review all field work prior to commencement and must demonstrate operational safety awareness during each phase of operations. Employees follow a series of verification procedures to ensure safe and continuous operations. Also, our employees are required to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during operations, and they regularly check the PPE of their crew members.

The measures we take to ensure the safety of our workplace and communities increase safety awareness, improve operational processes and procedures, and reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries.

At CVR Refining, we are proud of the measures we take to improve our Environment, Health and Safety performance, as well as our belief that environmental and safety excellence is a large part of our business practices.